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Hiking and snow shoeing

Winter hiking and snow shoe hiking tours around the “Hochkönig“ region

Winter hiking can be enjoyable, keeping your body healthy and in a good spirit. It brings the circulation in motion and step by step you can feel how your body recovers. The moving mobilized, strengthens our defenses providing us with new energy sources. This is also a balm for your soul. This experience is also available during the night with the head lights on.

While walking through the breathtaking landscape of Hochkoenig you can experience the magical scenery of mountain panorama with a rustic lodge culture. This area offers more than 85km of well-maintained, absolute snow reliability winter footpaths, overlooking unique mountain landscape of the Hochkoenig.

In the place of Muehlbach there is a snow shoeing school for the beginners.

Discover our “Triefen“, the moss waterfall with its source outlet is a natural monument since 2001. It provides new energy and power in your body.

Winter hiking in Salzburg and sourrounding

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